We aim to crowdsource the best ideas to make
travel simpler, better, or more exciting


Led by the Emirates Group, GE, and Etisalat Digital, Intelak is a hub that will inspire and develop teams to become part of the conversation in travel and aviation.











We are looking for individuals with up to 5 team members, who will examine how a particular travel moment makes us feel - from home to airport to the skies. Submit an innovative idea to make travel for you and others simpler, better, more exciting. Pick your 'travel moment' from the infographic below, and
re-imagine it today.
  • Inspiration

    Fuelling customers’ imaginations with exciting suggestions for future journeys.

  • Select and Buy

    Providing opportunities for customers to personalise the experience of upcoming travel to help make their trip as successful as possible.

  • Anticipation

    Building anticipation and engagement ahead of the trip to ensure customers are better prepared, compliant and capable to travel.

  • Luggage Drop and Pick Up

    Relieving customers of their baggage as soon and for as long as possible to make their journey as effortless and stress-free as possible.

  • Welcome

    Providing customers with a personal welcome and orientation to the airport without interrupting their journey.

  • In the Air

    A consistent, personalised and enriching experience that fulfills the customers’ needs during the flight.

  • Boarding and Reception

    Creating a smooth and stress-free transition from enjoyable airport gates to airplane seats.

  • In the Airport

    Ensure customers make the most of their time at the airport with memorable and personalised experiences.

  • Landing and Handover

    Pre-preparing and supporting customers through a smooth transition from airplane to airport and their onward journey.

  • Travel to Destination

    Taking more responsibility for the entire journey by providing affordable and convenient door-to-door travel solutions.

  • Destination

    Continuing to inspire and enable customers to get the most from their trip whilst at their destination.

  • Staying Connected

    Championing a cause in order to resonate and stay connected with customers in between their trips.


The top 20 teams will be enrolled in an intensive one-week boot camp that will train them through workshops on design thinking, financial modelling, marketing, and building an investor pitch. The culmination of this one week will be a pitch day, after which four teams will be chosen as winners.

Each of the winning teams will receive a cash prize of up to AED 50,000, to be distributed at key milestones, and will be enrolled in the Intelak Incubator. The incubator, located in the heart of Dubai's innovation ecosystem - DTEC - will be a three-month, intensive programme. It will consist of structured modules, mentorship, and office hours to support the continued development of each team's winning idea. It is important to note that the teams will retain copyright of their ideas, no equity will be taken from the startups in exchange for the cash prize.

At the conclusion of the programme, the winning teams will be given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists for potential further collaboration, or even investment. The participants may also have co-creation or employment opportunities with the Emirates Group, GE, or Etisalat Digital.


Let’s work together to transform your ideas into reality.

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