In order to support UAE's ambitious plans for the future, and to ensure that the country sets the highest global standards for services, systems, and experiences in aviation; three partners are for the first time creating a travel technology entrepreneurship incubator to strengthen promising ideas.

Led by the Emirates Group, with co-founders GE and Dubai Tourism; Intelak is a hub that will seek to develop teams, comprised of early-stage entrepreneurs and students, to become part of the conversation in travel and aviation. The three co-founders will work towards the goal of ensuring an integrated and inclusive programme, to explore what tomorrow can hold for this exciting sector in the UAE.

The heart of the programme will be at DTEC (located in Dubai Silicon Oasis) - a centre for collaboration, ideation, and the growth of new technologies. The environment and network provided by DTEC will serve to support the ecosystems in a way that extends far beyond physical space.

The best ideas answering the below will be awarded a cash prize, and the submitting teams will be enrolled in an exclusive three-month training programme.


Intelak is asking you to pick a travel moment, from home to the airport to the skies, and reimagine it today. Submit an innovative idea that makes travel for you and others simpler, better, or more exciting.



The United Arab Emirates has long been a driver of transformational growth, in the region and around the world. The aviation and travel sector in particular has been guided by a clear vision for global impact.

Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority; Chairman & Chief Executive, Emirates Airline & Group; and Chairman, Dubai Airports, has commented on aviation and its continued development in the country. He has stated: "Aviation is one of the main engines driving Dubai's emergence as a global partner for trade, commerce and tourism. For every $100 of activity in the aviation sector, a further $72 is added in other sectors of the local economy from supply chain connections and expenditures. For every 100 jobs created in aviation, an additional 116 jobs are created elsewhere in Dubai. Everything points in the direction that these figures will grow significantly in the coming years, and will spill over to the rest of the region."

We envision Intelak to be a sustainable programme, with a new "class" expected to enter the incubator every six months. We are committed to furthering the grand vision of the UAE government, to support innovation and entrepreneurship in the country's travel sector.

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